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The American Cancer Foundation is a growing voice in America for Innovative Cancer Research.

Our Mission is to bring a productive solution to cancer treatment by developing anticancer medicines that will be provided at cost to Non-Profit Hospitals and Medical Clinics throughout America.

The Foundation is a non-profit Corporation, in Good Standing, organized in the State of Hawaii on the Fifth of May, 2010. 

What is unique about our approach is our ability to support the necessary R&D activities required to accelerate the development of promising anticancer medicines.

Currently, we are focusing on 3'-Bromo-3,5'-diallyl-2'-hydroxyl-4-methoxy-1,1-biphenyl, and 3,3'-Diallyl-2'-hydroxyl-4-methoxy-1',1-biphenyl. These experimental medicines are expected to be developed with your generous Donations and potentially with various Grants from the U.S. National Institutes of Health.

Get Involved!

Our next step is to get everyone involved by telling their friends, Neighbors and associates about our Mission, and to spread the word about our plans to support cancer research at the University of Hawaii.

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We will also endeavor to focus on building a strong, interactive Network of informed Members.  Please consider expressing your thoughts on our Blog at;